Luxury Homeware

Bringing you the best of luxury for your home! The same brand that has filled your closet with stylish pieces is bringing some flair to your bedroom, your kitchen, your lounge....basically, your entire collection of everything stylish. Our range of homeware is launching with our favorite chunky blankets! This was an obvious choice and an easy decision too. We are right in the middle of winter and we thought of many ways to extend our love for chunky knits and this was a no-brainer!

Our luxurious knitted blankets are made from super soft wool that will keep you warm on those chilly nights. These blankets also work beautifully as a decorative piece. Throw them over your bed, your couch or chair for that stylish, sophisticated touch. They come in a range of stunning colours that will compliment an array of themes in your home. We currently have 5 colours for you to choose from but of course, nothing stops you from styling your rooms with different colours to give each one a unique character. These blankets are chunky yet lightweight and come in two different sizes:  Small, which measures 100cm x 200cm as well as large, which measures 200cm x 200cm. Get warm and get cosy with flair!

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