Winter Tricks

Read this blog before you start packing away your summer clothes to make way for your heavier, warmer, winter clothes!

The truth is, as South Africans, we are truly lucky to have sunny days, even in winter. The coldest months have been recorded to be between June and August and most of us tend to think we need a completely new wardrobe to get us through the colder months but does it really make sense to do this when the coldest months of the year only make up a quarter of it? And truly speaking, it's not even every single day of these supposed 'coldest months' of the year that is freezing cold. We are lucky enough to still experience some warmth even during this time and this is where our 'winter tricks' come in! Actually, there are 3 words that make up these tricks and they are....layers....layers...and layers....!!! If you haven't heard the term then let us teach you about the trick. Most people think that they need to wear thick jackets all the time and sadly these don't always look flattering. Not only do they restrict your movements - try it, we've been there - they can also drop your sexiness by a few notches if you're not careful.

Here's how to apply our winter layering trick: take your summer dress and pair it with something warmer like a woolen bodysuit that can go underneath the dress. Be careful not to wear something that will show unsightly bulging because we really do not want you to look tacky. The summer dress which chose goes perfectly with this really warm bodysuit. The bodysuit is the trick in this outfit. It does the job of keeping you warm whilst the dress gives you the femininity that most ladies tend to pack away with their summer clothes during the winter months!



Another trick is simply wearing a sexy but warm jacket over your summer outfit. In this case, if you happen to go out to an enclosed place such as a restaurant that is nicely warmed up with heaters and stuff, you can bring out that va-va-voom that you're covering underneath! So, before packing away your summer clothes, be creative and think of how you can actually be versatile with your summer outfits...try out different combinations until you find ones that work. This way, you maximize your wardrobe and make your summer clothes work for you throughout the year. Now, wouldn't that save you a few bucks too! Thank us later and yes, please do tag us on your winter layering pictures. Stay warm AND sexy this winter!


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