The Pyjama Look - From the sheets to the streets...

We've been watching the pyjama look quite closely to see how it would fair in the fashion world and it's quite interesting to note that whilst the trend has taken most of the rest of the world by storm, South African fashionistas haven't quite embraced it the same. When we got exposed to this look back when it first broke into the fashion scene, we were keen to see how trend-followers and trend-setters would respond to it and we must say, the response, at least overseas, has been a surprise to us. We generally don't follow trends in how we put together our own collection. We only follow them out of interest and a curiosity in understanding what people respond to. We believe in creating our own style and being different whilst achieving a timeless look and we are here for those who share the same sentiments as far as fashion goes. In our view, trends are tiring because you always have to keep up with what's next and before you know it, half of the clothes in your closet are no longer relevant unless you're lucky enough to see the trend make a comeback, which they usually do, years later, and you are also lucky enough to still fit in them without looking ridiculous! Well, the pyjama look itself has to us always been a ridiculous idea from the start and we are still stunned at how long it has stayed as an iconic look from the fashion ramps to the red carpets and the streets! Just take a look at how some of the well-known celebrities pulled it off with great flair...


Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba


 We still won't rush to try this look for the next red carper event. To a pyjama party, maybe. Although we must just say that seeing pictures of Ryan Gossling pulling off the look the way he did in Cannes back in 2011 has us reconsidering, just for the moment ;-)

South Africans have generally been late adopters of fashion trends but we doubt if this particular trend will ever be as big after all these years. Here at home, 'schlebs' seem to have found the slip dress a lot more appealing and have rather adopted that (related) look. Now that, we can live with. The slip dress is a lot more feminine and does pass as a great outfit for a lovely summer night out. As for the pyjamas, we say 'keep them to the bedroom and away from the streets. Far away!'

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