New Partnerships. New Collection!

Great, Awesome, Fantastic, Exciting News!!!!! Yes, we had to break the grammar rules because we absolutely cannot contain the excitement! Having been in talks with many designers locally, we have finally found alignment with these amazing brands of designers who not only align with our style but also deliver at the most professional levels and we love that. Great professionalism means we won't have to ever compromise the quality of our delivery to you, our valued client. Flair Collection is now the online retailer for Lumin, Bathini Designs, PM-Garb and Boyish, all of whom are South African designers who have showcased their collections on various fashion stages including SAFW (South African Fashion Week). All designs from our collection have been specially hand-picked to tantalize your style senses because we know just what you like. So, keep swiping until you find your perfect match and when you do, we'll be here to deliver to your satisfaction.




  • Lumin….YAY!

    Jeanette X
  • Fantastic news! More choice for us…YAY!!!

  • whooop whoop!!


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