Exciting News! Introducing Our Diamond List Loyalty Programme

At Flair Collection, we love rewarding loyalty! We do this through our unique loyalty programme, which we simply call 'The Diamond List'. So, how does it work? Well, if you spend R1,000 or more with us, you will immediately be added to our Diamond List! How easy can it get?

What will your reward be for being on this list, you ask? For starters, you get 10% off on your next purchase from us! But that's not all. When you refer a friend to us and they buy from our store using a unique code, which we will personally send to you, you will get yet another 10% off your next purchase! It doesn't end there because as one of our FLAIR Ladies on the Diamond List, you get to know about and see all of our new stock the moment it reaches our shores and before it hits our online store! You basically get to choose what you like before everyone else does! If you are based in Gauteng, we will even bring you the selection of your clothes to choose from. How rewarding this will be. No, we are still not done! With a series of events that we have planned for the upcoming months, you will get an automatic invite. That's how we believe a FLAIR Lady must be treated, like royalty. So ladies, go on, treat yourself to any one of our stunning pieces, refer a friend and you could earn yourself enough 10% discounts to get your next cocktail dress!

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